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Power Inverter Per Auto Modecom MC-R015 24V DC 15A 150W Usb Black

MODECOM MC-R015 24V is the latest model of  car power inverter, which allows you simply transform your car into a mobile power center. This high quality product was designed especially for professional truck drivers, who are looking for the best way to charge their electronic equipment. You can use this high-quality product for example during a the stopover and every place where access to a standard outlet is not provided or is limited. Thanks to MODECOM MC-R015 24V you can charge inside your car almost every kind of electronic devices. MODECOM MC-R015 24V car power inverter transforms  used in the trucks electrical system voltage at 24V to voltage of 230V, which is used almost in every household. Thanks to this voltages transformation you can use MODECOM MC-R015 24V car power inverter with almost every kind of electrical devices, such as laptops, digital cameras or even a portable TV. Additionally, placed on the front part of cover USB port lets you to charge also small electronic devices such as MP3 players, cell phones, tablets and smartphones.
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