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Ventola Cooler Pad Notebook Linq X-710 Ventola 15cm 2 Usb

The Notebook Cooling Stand for Linq X-710 is the ideal multi-purpose product to cool your laptop. Ideal for those who work or simply use a notebook for large periods, also it offers an excellent solution for the perfect comfort and making the correct posture in all conditions and without straining the neck and wrists, with 4 height adjustments .
The design of the surface, equipped with a 140mm fan, allow it to distribute the air flow evenly and ensure a rapid dissipation active and passive heat, thus avoiding the overheating of the device.
The presence of two USB ports (one of which is dedicated to power the fan via USB cable supplied) allow the connection of any USB device further (mouse - Pendrive Etc Etc)
- Cooling stand
- USB power cable

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