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Occhiali 3D/VR Modecom Freehands MC-G3DP Per Smartphone Con Display fino a 5,6'' In ABS

MODECOM FreeHANDS is a unique product in MODECOM offer that will allow you to turn your smartphone into a high-quality, handheld 3D and enjoyable device. You will not have to spend a fortune to discover the world of virtual reality. With the FreeHANDS googles it will be easier than you think. In order to enter the world of three-dimensional entertainment, just place the phone in googles and run the appropriate 3D content or use dedicated applications. By using MODECOM FreeHANDS you can watch movies, 3D photos and play three-dimensional games.
How is it possible that we see a 3D image from your phone?
3D content is displayed on your phone for each lens separately. The use of this trick "cheats" our brain and allows you to enjoy the 3D movies.
3D movies - Watch them and other videos on YouTube.
With these googles you can experience new and unforgettable moments while watching various movies. You can install proper application to watch your favorite horror, sci-fi or comedy on your smartphone in 3D technology. Discover the experience which has been inaccessible and unavailable so far. You can now feel like being in the middle of the action. You'll be amazed with how many details you missed while watching a movie at the cinema or on TV! In addition, your favorite videos from YouTube can also be easily converted into three-dimensional movies. From now on, every movie or music video on YouTube channel converted into 3D technology will put smile on your face and will allow you to watch video content in three dimensions. From now on, you can finally watch 3D movies lying in bed without turning on the TV.
Thanks to VR technology available on smartphones, you can experience completely different level of virtual entertainment. From now on, you can feel like you are the virtual character. Every movement of your head, every dodge will also move your character. Now, as never before, you can feel like a real racing driver, who takes deadly battle with opponents of each meter. With your own eyes you can explore the Amazon jungle where you'll have to run away from enemies. All this available with MODECOM MC-G3DP-00 and your smartphone.

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