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Occhiali 3D/VR Modecom Freehands MC-G3DC Per Smartphone fino a 5,2'' Eco Compatibile

MODECOM FreeHANDS is an unique product in our offer, which allows you to turn your smartphone into a high-quality player of 3D materials.  Now, you do not need to spend a fortune to discover a world of virtual reality.  With MODECOM FreeHANDS glasses is easier and simpler than you think. To enter into the world of 3D entertainment you need only place your smartphone with 3D content,  into MODECOM FreeHANDS glasses.  Using our glasses you can e.g. watch movies and photos and play games, in the third dimensional technology. 
Did you record an interesting event and you want to share it with your friend in third dimension?  It’s very easy; on the Internet you can find many different application, which  make possible to transform your video on a 3D version.  By using appropriate application you can create your own 3D video and share it with you friends. 
MODECOM FreeHANDS is made from light and comfortable for user materials.   Those part which touch user’s body was made  from the special, soft-touch, protective material. 
Explore the world in the  third dimension
MODECOM FreeHANDS glasses is a product which lets you explore an images in a completely different and previously unknown dimension.  The main secret of this product is pair of high quality lenses. This optic components putting together,  prepared in a special 3D technique images.  Thanks to MODECOM FreeHANDS you can watch the movies, admire a images and play 3D games. 
Eco friendly product made of recycled materials 
MODECOM FreeHANDS is a product that fits the idea of environmental protection. Main part of its construction was made from the recyclable material.
Take a virtual tour 
Continuous development of 3D technology causes increasing popularity of those technic.   Every day are developed a thousand of aps which allows people to  expand their knowledge from the different areas of culture.  For example you can take a virtual tour in museums around the world. You can get an access also to the historic or inaccessible in the real world places. 
Special functions activation button 
Thanks to the placed on the side a special button you can activate an extra  function of the application.  Button is made of neodymium magnesium, which activates a special built into the design of your smartphone sensor.
Instant activation of 3D application provides NFC sensor 
Automatic start of 3D application provides built-in construction NFC sensor. You only need place your smartphone into MODECOM FreeHANDS glasses and a special NFC sensor will send a signal to the control application.
Compatible smartphones and recommended equipment:
1. Accelerometer - applications respond to the movement of head and body.
2. Gyroscope - detects the position of the device in 3 different levels - applications can correctly identify the location of a smartphone.
3. The magnetic sensor - applications responds to the changes in the smartphone magnetic field (magnetic click).
4. Using NFC tag - you can program your favorite applications, as startup when you insert your smartphone to FreeHands.
5. Android platform 4.4.2 (Kit Kat) - so you can easily connect game pad.
If your smartphone does not have any function of the first three points mentioned above, its use may be limited.

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