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Sensore di Movimento Interno PIR Wireless Modello TENDA

This product is a wireless sensor can detect movements thanks to the passive infrared technology through a narrow area, hence the name PIR tent. When an intruder enters the area covered by the sensor, the sensor will alarm the control unit. Ideal to be mounted below the ceiling in the vicinity of doors and windows in order to detect the entry of an intruder.
The sensor must not be installed outdoors, in a place where animals are present, close to air conditioning, direct heat sources. Do not expose to direct sunlight or moving objects. Mount the sensor on a stable and solid.
Technical specifications
Voltage: DV3V, 2 AA batteries
Current consumption: ≤15uA
Current-mode alarm: ≤10mA
Distance: 2.12 meters (configurable)
Angle: 10 ° - 15 °
Start sensor: about 60 seconds
Alarm Indicator: Red LED
Low battery: LED Yellow
Temperature: -10 ° - + 50 °
Relative Humidity: Max 95% RH
Installation height: 1.7-2.5 meters
Working frequency: 315MHz or 433MHz
Working distance: 100m without obstacles
Dimensions (mm): 110 * 69.5 * 40

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