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Alimentatore Vultech GS-500B 500w Con Ventola 8cm 2x Sata 2x Ide Bulk

Vultech presents a high quality product and excellent performance: the power supply GS-500B.

Developed for mainstream PCs, it has a capacity of 500W.
Capable of great efficiency, is made with components of first choice to ensure consistency of performance.
Thanks to 8cm fan Super Silent, can provide optimal cooling and low noise (noise less than 29 dB).

Compatible with all motherboards and configurations Intel / AMD on the market.

Please do not use the power supply for graphics cards that require additional power *.

The product is sealed in a protective transparent plastic and comes with instructions in Italian.

* Before the purchase is recommended to check the power required by the video card and it requires 6 Pin connectors in case of an additional power supply. In case of incorrect configuration, the parent company does not take any responsibility.

Product equipped with CE and RoHS legislation EEC.

Package Content:
- Bulk Power Supply 500W
- Instruction manual in Italian

Power cable not included

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