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Alimentatore Tecno Universale Per Notebook 120W Autosettante 12 Jack Black

Universal power supply for notebook. It has a capacity of 120W and is autosettante.
Equipped with 12 connectors, it provides full compatibility with all notebook on the market.
Also present was the TPS connector USB-compatible notebooks LENOVO.
To ensure a smooth functioning of the product, simply insert the connector in the breakfast section of the Notebook. Once tested for compatibility, the 'power will automatically set the specified voltage.
Before inserting a connector it is recommended to check the right voltage of your Notebook. The manufacturer assumes no liability for damage caused by incorrect configuration.

6.3*3.0 mm (15.0V)Toshiba
5.5*2.5 mm (16.0V)Ibm, Lenovo
5.5*2.5 mm (19.0V)Acer, Compaq, HP, Toshiba
5.5*3.0 mm (19.0V)Samsung
5.5*2.1 mm (19.0V)Acer, Compaq, HP, Toshiba
6.5*4.4 mm (19.5V)Sony
7.4*5.0 mm (19.5V)Dell
7.4*5.0 mm (18.5V)HP,Compaq
5.5*2.5 mm (12.0V)Monitor
4.5*3.0*0.6 mm (19.5V)HP
4.8*1.7 mm (19.5V)HP
USB TPS (20.0V)Lenovo
Package Content:
- Power supply 120W Notebook Autosettante
- N° 12 Connectors
- Power cord

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